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An innovative calendar, journaling and habit tracker all in one.

Software that’s good for you.

As a child, we moved around a lot. When I think back to those times, everything feels blurry. It was chaotic. I had a hard time piecing my story together. It felt as if I had nothing solid to stand on. Who am I really, and how did I get here?
In order to discover who I was, I needed to become an archaeologist of my past.

I found the existing journaling tools available lacking and as a software developer, I knew they could be done better.

Birth of the Infinity Calendar,

A journaling system like no other.

The unique hierarchical journaling system and dynamic interactions guides you to explore and document your life decade by decade, quarter by quarter, month by month, week by week, and day by day. Summarise the era’s of your life piece by piece so that your personal story emerges.

So many people feel adrift in life. With all the twists and turns, it is easy to lose track of your past. Yet, understanding your history is the key to understanding yourself.

Intentions That Inspire Action

Discovering your past is just the beginning

Your intentions are the threads that string your story together. They’re your dreams, ambitions, goals and aspirations. In the 53million ecosystem, intentions act to organise the threads of your life into the tapestry of your story.

Define where you want to go and what you want to achieve. Break down your aspirations into trackable KPIs, plan your milestones and see your progress clearly directly on your customisable journal and calendar views. Each level of your Infinity Calendar has a custom report to summarise your trackers and milestones, keeping you focused and motivated on your objectives.

53million helps you change the way you see yourself, how you think about the time you’ve spent, and how you use the time you have left.

From Vision to Reality

Every action you take today is a step towards a better tomorrow. Organise your day on the journaling view, a deep dive into what today holds for you. Our system helps you align your daily activities with your long-term goals, ensuring that every minute counts. Track your progress, adjust your plans, and stay on course to achieve your dreams.

Experience Seamless Productivity

Built with the latest in web3 technology, 53million offers a super smooth and satisfying experience. Available offline, our platform ensures you can access and update your journal anytime, anywhere. Start for free with up to 100 nodes, and unlock unlimited potential with our premium membership.

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Your Time, Your Legacy

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