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An innovative calendar, journaling and habit tracker all in one.

Personal Metrics platform


53million is a platform for self discovery and growth.

Document your story to where you are today.

It is a personal lifestyle designer to help you figure out what it is you want out of your life and how to get it.

Automatically program your schedule from your intentions.

Combine your calendar, journal, goals, and requirements




Priorities you, not your work

Imagine having a clear, comprehensive understanding of your life—past, present, and future. 53million is a next generation journaling tool packed full of intuitive features to help you make sense of your personal life story.

Journal to infinity

A detailed journaling tool for every day of your life. Intuitive commands make it easy to navigate your story. Journal at different levels of time detail (daily, weekly, monthly…) and complete your tapestry. Customise your calendar cards with habit reports, intention statements and astrological activity.


Your life is a tapestry of stories coming from individual threads into a unified whole. Reflect that structure in how you plan your week.

Discover your ideal routine

Cut through the noise of the day to day and focus on what matters. Each day comes with a customisable routine builder that lets you organise your time however you want. Add automatons and connect them to your intentions to understand where your time goes. Wake up every morning with the perfect plan. Quick to set up and easy to customise to your routine.


Journal every day of your life down to the last minute

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